Frequently Asked Questions

1. When is the best time for FFPA to get involved in a project?

The sooner the better! At early schematic design, FFPA consulting and oversight services can provide valuable input which may impact cost and design for your project. FFPA can identify potential issues or pitfalls early before a lot of time and money is expended into a design.

2. Will FFPA’s services be effective if they are not local to my project?

Yes. 15-20% of FFPA’s consulting and design work is located outside the South Florida area across the entire state. For almost 30 years, FFPA consultants have successfully served architects, developers, retailers, and building owners on a repeat basis while being welcomed by local jurisdictions for subsequent engagements because of our comprehensive and professional approach by which officials feel they are considered as team members.

3. How does FFPA’s fire and life safety system code compliant layout services benefit my project over a traditional approach of design/build with a contractor or utilization of another firm for a performance spec and sometimes sketchy scope drawings?

We specialize in fire and life safety services.  We do it better. Period! Our fire protection consultants, engineers, associates and project managers have over 300 million square feet of space successfully completed and occupied. By having experts create the specifications for your system, you will be receiving a code compliant system that is the most cost efficient for your project, thereby eliminating cost extras later in the project. You receive the benefit of competitively bidding a system that is code compliant, which provides a consistency in bidding as well as the most economical fire and life safety system.

4. Who does FFPA contract with for a project?

It varies. Sometimes FFPA works directly for the owner or developer and sometimes directly for the architect or electrical engineer.



“Nothing is more important than the life safety
of the people who occupy your property.” – Nick Scolaro, FFPA President